Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Strange Reception

Driving back to Worcester from Syracuse tonight I had a strange smörgåsbord of radio listening sequences. I started out listening to the Red Sox pregame in Syracuse. Deep in Yankee country the local Syracuse ESPN radio outlet carries the Red Sox - I just find that strange (and interesting). Once that signal drifted out I started listening to the Yankees / Blue Jay game first on one channel then another. (As an aside - how can the Yankees keep Suzyn Waldman employed? She is beyond awful.) Then the Mets / Braves broadcast became my clearest sports option. Then - just east of Albany - it got weird. I started picking up the Red Sox game again but it was from a channel out of Cleveland.

In upstate New York I started picking up WTAM - 1100 AM out of Cleveland. That was just weird. I listened to their broadcast for the 7th and 8th innings. It was amusing to hear their take on the "scrum" between the two teams after Adrian Beltre took exception to a pitch thrown behind him. The Cleveland broadcasters went right after Josh Beckett as the root cause of the belligerence. One broadcaster went as far as to exclaim, "Josh Beckett has always been a punk!" I found that amusing.

Once east of the Berkshires I listened to the 9th inning on the Red Sox radio network channels.

Listening to the Cleveland channel reminded me of the time in July of 2007 when I somehow picked up a Red Sox broadcast while in the middle of Pennsylvania. Funnily - they were playing the Idians that night too.

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