Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Johnny Damon

I like Johnny Damon. I like the Red Sox. I'm glad Johnny Damon turned down the chance to return to Boston. Let me explain.

Johnny Damon wasn't treated fairly on his way out of Boston. He signed as a free agent, gave Boston four solid years, helped the team win it's first World Series in 96 years and then the Red Sox made him what comes down to a take it or leave it offer. Damon wanted to stay but was basically shoved out the door. The Red Sox replaced him with Coco Crisp which if are honest was a step down especially when you factor in Damon's durability.

Damon went on to four productive years with the Yankees where he was an integral part of their latest championship. They too basically showed Damon the door this past season - and that was a mistake. Do you think if the Yankees were given a do-over that they would still choose Nick Johnson over Damon for their DH?

Having said the above - I'm glad Damon turned down the chance to return to Boston. Even with the Red Sox hurting for outfield depth - I would prefer they go with rookie Ryan Kalish over Damon. Kalish is a better defender and the offense is almost equal (with Kalish having the higher upside).

As an aside - the Red Sox used the draft pick they got for allowing Damon to sign with the Yankees to draft Daniel Bard. To me that's the one silver lining in this whole mess.

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