Friday, November 12, 2021

Mac Jones Says Hello

Carolina Panthers defensive end Brian Burns caused some controversy this week when he was quoted as saying, "I wish my fellow D-end bothers happy hunting." He, of course, was referring to "hunting" Patriots QB Mac Jones (who Burns felt got away with a dirty play against him).

This is the proverbial tempest in a teacup but I'd be amused if offensive linemen for any Panthers opponents started saying, "Mac Jones says hello" after any pancake block of Brian Burns. This would have a strategic advantage for the Panthers opponents because you know such a comment would throw Burns off his game.

And it would make me laugh.


  1. Largebill687:50 AM

    I get backing your QB, but there is less than zero chance of that happening. An O-lineman for the Saints, Bucs, etc. are not going to mention some other team's rookie QB while talking smack. I'll admit I didn't see all that much in the Jones ankle twist. It wasn't a full Vontae Burfict or anything.

  2. Bill it would be funny! Especially if it happened more than once. Can you imagine how it would blow Burns mind. He wouldn't be able to concentrate on his defensive responsibilities. There's also a fair number of Alabama offensive linemen in the NFL - so word of mouth could easily get this prank off the ground.