Monday, January 03, 2022

Animal Rights Laws

Reason has a brief article on Animal Rights Laws in CA and Mass. I was unaware of both of these laws.

In Mass people travel to NH to get menthol cigarettes (they were outlawed in Mass) and people in RI go over the border to Mass to buy legal weed. Now people from Mass may have to go to either of those states to get an omelet.  What a crazy way to do interstate commerce. 


  1. Don't think I believe Cali should be dictating how other people raise food, or anything else, those disfunctional morons.... but we do keep seeing cheating, like here in canada, where they have stupidly outlawed plastic straws, but let the manufacturers keep making them for export.... how does that save the oceans?

  2. California - where humans can shit on the sidewalks but where you have to clean up after your dog.