Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bill Simmons Should Just STFU

Bill Simmons has said some pretty uninformed, egotistical things in the past but this may just take the cake:
Holy Cross hoops: Honestly? I'm embarrassed. That was a disgrace. The Cross is now going on 30 years without an NCAA win. And you know what? I've had enough. Somebody needs to save our basketball program and it's going to have to be me. Details to come this spring.
Holy Cross has won the Patriot League four out of the last seven seasons and the Patriot League is exactly the level of competition and the kind of other schools Holy Cross should be associated with. There is great pride to be taken in not only being a first-rate academic institution first but also being able to field competitive teams at the same time. Neither UMass nor Boston College wants Holy Cross on their schedule because the chances of an upset by the Crusaders is too great.

So I'm sorry if Holy Cross didn't beat Southern Illinois so that you could brag to your West Coast buddies. I'm sorry that Holy Cross didn't cover the 8 point spread and probably cost you some money. However, the Crusaders had a much better showing against the Salukis than big time basketball school Virginia Tech (who lost to Southern Illinois by 15 vs the Crusaders 10).

If you were going to fix something - maybe you should have fixed the Jimmy Kimmel Show and helped make it funny. But no - you whiffed on that one didn't you? If you are going to fix something - fix your columns so that they aren't so predictable (you are becoming CHB Jr.) or so anchored in the past (ESPN should ban you from ever making another Karate Kid or 90210 reference). In short - Bill take the beam out of your own eye instead of complaining about a team of kids who just won their league championship by playing their asses off and making their dream of making the NCAA's come true.

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