Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is Complete BS

This note was in the latest notes column at the Red Sox site:
League decision: The Red Sox received a letter from Major League Baseball saying that Johnny Pesky will no longer be allowed in the dugout during games. MLB is enforcing a rule stating that only the manager and six coaches can be in the dugout during a game.

Pesky, who will turn 88 in September, is in his 55th season with the Red Sox. He's allowed to don a uniform and enter the dugout and clubhouse before games, as well as walking on the field. Once the game starts, he'll have to vacate the dugout.

"I think he's [Pesky] upset," said Francona, who was the one who informed Pesky of the league's ruling. "I think he had hurt feelings."
This is complete BS. Baseball is supposed to be known for celebrating its history. Well Johnny Pesky is baseball history as far as I'm concerned and I know that I also speak for many Red Sox fans as well. The guy is 88-years old. He's not giving the Red Sox a competitive advantage. Even the Yankees would say that they have no problem with Pesky being in the Red Sox dugout.

This is pure BS.

Just like when the Baseball Hall of Fame missed its chance to properly honor Buck O'Neil for being a great ambassador for the game while O'Neil was still alive - MLB seems intent on stiffing Johnny Pesky. You can be sure that if something happened to Johnny (God forbid) - that Selig and the rest of the MLB lackeys would be the first carpetbaggers in town to proclaim how great Pesky was for baseball in Boston.

If MLB sticks to this decision - then I hope that the Red Sox front office finds some other suitable way to keep Pesky involved. This decision is crap. And it is beyond petty.

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