Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Midterm Elections - Part II

I just wanted to note that one thing I am rooting for is for the senate to wind up in a true 50 / 50 split. I say "true split" because there doesn't seem to be any Jeffords or Chafees this time around. A 50 / 50 split means that Dick Cheney may get to cast the deciding vote in the Senate on matters split along party lines. I think that will make great theater.

No matter what happens - look for Cheney to play an even greater role in the final two years of the Bush administration which means an even greater portrayal of "Evil" Dick Cheney on the Daily Show and the late night talk shows. Keep in mind that Cheney is only 65 years old (which makes him just 3 years older than Rudy Giuliani and 5 years younger than John McCain). Cheney has consistently said he has no interest in running another campaign but things sometimes change.

Cheney '08 would be the equivalent of the anti-Christ to the Kos-crowd and just for that reaction I hope he runs.

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