Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What Eric McErlain is Thankful For

I'm linking to this column by Eric McErlain because I like Eric and secondly because he does not mention the Boston Bruins (I am boycotting everything to do with the Bruins).

One piece of food for thought from Eric got me thinking:
But in addition, general manager Brian Burke was able to import Chris Pronger from Edmonton, uniting the league's toughest defenseman with Scott Niedermayer, the sweetest skating defenseman in the game. Just add ice, and you've got one of the most devestating blue line combinations in the history of the game
History of the game? My first thought was of Larry Robinson and Serge Savard (not to mention Guy Lapointe and Robinson) from those great Montreal teams from the late 1970's. However Eric said "one of" not "the" so I'll have to agree.

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