Monday, November 06, 2006

NCAA Football Thoughts

Boston College is ranked 24th in the nation in passing but their QB (Matt Ryan) is not rated in the top 50 in the nation. Strange…. Troy Smith seems to be everyone’s favorite for the Heisman Trophy but he’s just 38th in the nation in total offense with just 221 yards per game. Brady Quinn on the other hand is 8th with 282 yards per game… Compare these two players:

Player A – 10 G / 27 TD 4 INT / 2051 Pa Yards / 172.1 QB Rating
Player B - 10 G / 22 TD 3 INT / 2006 Pa Yards / 165.9 QB Rating

It would seem that Player A is having the much better season but Player A is Colt McCoy of Texas and Player B is Troy Smith of Ohio State. Now I’m not saying bad things about Troy Smith. I’m just pointing out that the Heisman favorites seem to be based more on marketing than on the field deeds… A team I think is really being overlooked is BYU. They started off 1-2 with two tough losses to Arizona and BC (each loss by just 3 points). I would expect them to win out their final 3 games to go 10-2 on the year. The Cougars could wind up about 15th in the polls and I would also look for them to be matched against a major program that may have just slipped a bit (like Va Tech). BYU could be a real sleeper in the bowl games…

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