Sunday, November 05, 2006

Reagan, Detente and the Threat of Radical Islam

You may have read by now about the Lutheran vicar in Germany who lit himself on fire to bring attention and "to warn against the danger of the Islamization of Europe." It is amazing to me that even with such extreme measures to warn people - that many still have their eyes closed to the threat of radical Islam.

Some people think that we can live with or contain the dangers of radical Islam. That we can have a sort of "detente" like was the rage of the early 70's in regard to the threat of the Soviet Union. It was pointed out that Vladimir Lenin once said, "It would not matter if three-quarters of the human race perished; the important thing is that the remaining one-quarter be communist." Does anyone doubt that there are many believers in the Islamic world who feel the same about their faith? That it wouldn't matter if three-quarters of the world were to die as long as the remaining quarter was Muslim?

Just as the Soviet Union was defeated once we had leaders like Ronald Reagan - I firmly believe we can defeat the threat of radical Islam if we have strong leadership. Next Tuesday - please make sure you don't vote for anyone who believes we can have a detente relationship with radical Islam.

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