Friday, February 09, 2007

Arroyo Signs Extension

Bronson Arroyo signed a 3-year contract last year and now he's just signed a 2-year extension with the Reds so that he'll be locked up through 2010 (or 2011 because the contract has an option year). Some miscellaneous thoughts and observations about this contract extension:

- With Arroyo under contract till the end of 2008 - the question has to be asked "why now?" Arroyo is built like a tall Oil Can Boyd. Injury has to be in the back of people's minds and the Reds aren't the Yankees. If he gets hurt - then that extra $25 million could cripple the team's chances to be competitive.

- Its kinda strange that Arroyo's contract comes just after the Reds signed Aaron Harang to an extension because lists the most similar pitcher to Arroyo as Aaron Harang.

- Arroyo had publicly yearned to return to Boston but I guess that a $25 million extension can quench those yearnings. I love the fact that Bronson Arroyo was named after Charles Bronson but I still think that last year was smoke and mirrors and Arroyo is bound to return to mediocrity.

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