Friday, February 09, 2007

Wade Phillips to Coach Cowboys

The news that Wade Phillips will be the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys has been met with cynicism that Phillips is just a placeholder for a year until someone better is available. For me the first thought I had upon learning Phillips would be the next coach was that the comparisons of Tony Romo to Rob Johnson will be unavoidable now.

Others have speculated that Terrell Owens will run roughshod over the team now that a "players" coach has been hired.

My prediction is that the Cowboys will have a fine season and will make the playoffs. They may even win the NFC East. However, they will lose in the first round of the playoffs but the loss will be blamed on injuries and a bad match-up. The sentiment that comes with success will be strong enough that Phillips will be back for his second year. Meanwhile Bill Cowher and the other top choices next year will find jobs and the Cowboys will be looking at the same usual suspects when Phillips flops in year two.

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