Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Pat O'Brien Style

Today is Valentine's Day and it is also Pat O'Brien's 59th birthday. Here at ALR we thought these two things are great alone but like Reese's Cups - they would go great together. So here is a Valentine's day greeting for your sweetie Pat O'Brien style:
Dear (your sweetheart's name here)

I wanna f**king go crazy with you. ... You are so f**king hot, and I wanna eat you, and I want you to suck my c**k, and I want to f**k you. ... Let's do it, you are so f**king hot, leave me a voicemail. I'm going to the bathroom, leave me a voicemail. ... I told (insert name of hot friend here) that you were into her. ... I want to lick your p**sy and make you c** so much. ... I want you badly, I know you want me. ... I am so f**king into you. You have to pay attention to (insert name of hot friend here), but let's have fun. I wanna f**kin' eat you and f**k you and suck your t**s and watch you eat (insert name of hot friend here) and lick your *ss. I'm so f**ing into you, it's incredible. Uhm, check this message, and then just say to me, "Yes." ... I wanna f**kin' suck your p**sy, talk dirty to you, watch you and (insert name of hot friend here) eat each other, s**k my c**k, beat off on your face. Get another woman up, hire a hooker. Let's get crazy, get some coke.

Love and Kisses (sign your name here)

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