Sunday, February 04, 2007

Larry King's Super Bowl Special

(A Large Regular is lucky to have a special quest to speak on the day of the most sacred sporting event in the US of A - Mr. Larry King.)

Today is the Super Bowl and I am looking forward to a great game between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts. To me perhaps the most important factor in tonight's game will be the rain. If it is a constant rain then the balls will get slicker and heavier and I wouldn't be surprised to see balls slip out of the QB's hands with more fumbled snaps and interceptions as a result. Combine the slickness of the K-balls used on field goals with the rain and I wouldn't be surprised to see another Tony Romo incident tonight either... I've said it before but I still think that John Travolta's best role was as the boy in the bubble... You know the winner of the game will be known as the World Champion but before the game we only sing our national anthem. That's the mark of a great sporting event. If I hear O' Canada before a game - I know I'm in for a snoozefest... If you bet on football - take the heads on the coin toss. It's due... Happy birthday to former Vice President Dan Quayle who turns 60 today. I happened to catch up with the former VP and I asked him who he thought would win this game - him being from Indiana it was no surprise that he picked the Colts, "I feel as a fan that I'm part of this team and part of this game. This is the fans' game as much as the teams and what a waste it would be to lose this game or not to have a game would be very wasteful"... I'm not sure if you have noticed but both coaches in this game are African-Americans. What were the odds on that?.... Speaking of odds and betting - I also like the over in the longest TD of the game being better than 44.5 yards... Today is also Lawrence Taylor's 48th birthday. That man has a humongous head. I mean he looks like a human bobble-head doll. But of course I would never tell that to his face... Prince will provide the half-time entertainment. Personally I would prefer Prince protege Sheila E who I would eat like a cheese cracker. Prince - not so much... Enjoy the game and if you are going to drive - take a car...

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