Friday, February 23, 2007

Dillion and DJ

Corey Dillion made news yesterday by saying he wanted to be released from his contract by the Patriots because he wants to retire. Supposedly he's had enough of the beating his body takes playing pro football and like Tiki Barber – 10-years was enough. Today his agent is quoted in the Boston Herald as saying that Dillion just wants to play somewhere else where he’ll get more carries.

This is pretty strange. If Dillion is to be believed – then good for him. When I first heard the news of him saying that he wanted to retire – I immediately thought of Ted Johnson. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Johnson retired a few years earlier? Dillion has made millions of dollars and hopefully he’s financially secure.

My first thought about the agent’s comments is that he’s got nothing to lose. If Dillion retires then Steve Feldman (Dillion’s agent) gets nothing. If Feldman can convince Dillion to sign with a new team – then Feldman makes some cake on the new contract. Feldman says that Dillion won’t resign with the Pats. Well duh! Dillion has three more years to go on his contract. Dillion only gets to be a free agent if the Patriots release him.

If this is some sort of ruse by Dillion and his agent – then I think Dillion just sullied the goodwill that he built up since he came to New England from Cincinnati. Dillion came to town with a rep as a bad apple but in his time in Foxboro he has proven to be a team first guy. If this is a ruse – then all that goodwill goes poof.

I reference Dennis Johnson in the post title because I’m a little disappointed at how quickly the story of his death has faded from the national media spotlight. It is a sad reminder of how even Hall of Fame caliber players are disposable. Corey Dillion made almost as much last year as Dennis Johnson made in his career. If Dillion is serious about retirement then again I say “Good for you.” Take the money and run. If Dillion is just trying to get out of town – then I hope the Patriots don’t give him his release (why would you need your release to retire anyway?).

DJ is a sad reminder that if you don’t have your health – then you don’t have anything. I hope Dillion is sincere in his desire to retire. The last thing we need is another story of a former player who has health issues later in life.

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