Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Snickers Ad and the Upside Down Clown

I guess Snickers is getting lots of flack for their Super Bowl ad where two mechanics share a Lady and the Tramp type kiss. I watched the game with a bunch of guys playing poker and the reaction to that commercial was either a laugh or an "ewww". The reactions were split about 50/50.

Personally - I thought it was predictable. As soon as the second guy took a bite of the Snickers bar you knew where it was going. I also have to say that Snickers got their money worth out of the commercial because it has ended up being the most talked about commercial of all those that debuted on Super Bowl Sunday (no such thing as bad publicity and all that).

Anyway - I'm greatful to the commercial because its one-shot debut (it won't be rebroadcast out of fear of offending sensibilities) reminded me of my all-time favorite Super Bowl Sunday commercial that was also only broadcast once (because it too offended sensibilities - watch the commercial and you'll understand why).

So without further ado - here is the Budweiser Upside Down Clown which I though was spit-take funny when I first saw it:

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