Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flotsam and Jetsam North Carolina Edition

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations from North Carolina.

I think Bruce at makes a good point about the salaciousness of the press regarding Bill Belichick and his alleged involvement in an "ugly divorce case." More and more theses days I find myself asking "How is this news?" when reading or watching things in the media. And people wonder why people are buying fewer newspapers or watching less news on TV?... Driving down Route 40 toward Wilmington I saw a billboard for a company called Call me immature but I giggled at that. I may open a competing company (I think the URL is available)... Speaking of being immature - recently I heard someone mention (it may ave been a friend or I may have heard it on a comedy channel) that when they go into a men's room they always say to the person standing at the next urinal, "Don't you just hate these dividers?" I'm sorry but I find that funny... I really don't care about the "controversy" surrounding the University of Illinois ditching their mascot but it did remind me of the story of the Fighting Whites (aka Fighting Whities). Good stuff...

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