Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just an Observation

I always pick the wrong lane. If I'm going to a toll booth I always pick the lane where the guy asks directions or drops his money on the ground. If I'm at the grocery store I always pick the lane where the person wants to talk for 10 minutes with the cashier. I always pick the slowest lane. This is a point that I've made before but the new realization that struck me today is the fact that I've never met anyone who picks the right lane.

If you mention to someone that you never pick the right lane, invariably they reply, "Me too - I never pick the right lane either." Has anyone ever met anyone who picks the right lane?

If that person exists - why haven't they written a book. If the book Who Moved My Cheese? can be a best-seller then a book on how to pick the correct lane would surely shoot to the top of the NYT best-seller list (but of course it would have to be listed in fiction because I'm convinced that person does not exist).

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