Sunday, December 02, 2007

BCS Mess Solved!

In a highly controversial move the NCAA has decided to use a Ouija board and the ghost of Marty Feldman to decide who will play in the BCS Championship game. Marty Feldman died 25-years ago today. Feldman died from a sudden heart attack many believe was not caused by his 4 packs a day cigarette habit but by the surprise ending of the book Ethel the Aardvark goes Quantity Surveying. Feldman was not the first choice of ghost and knows almost nothing about college football but ghosts such as Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler and other deceased college football greats want nothing to do with the current mess college football finds itself in. When reached for comment of why a Ouija board and Marty Feldman's ghost would be used to pick the matchup an NCAA official said, "Why not? We've tried every other random method short of a playoff. Why not use a Ouija board and a ghost?" Why not indeed.

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