Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mitchell Report

Hundreds upon hundreds of baseball players not named in the Mitchell report must be saying, "there but by the grace of God go I" this morning. It is foolish to think that this is a comprehensive report on all the players who used steroids or HGH. It is just the tip of the iceberg. That's what makes this attempt at clearing up the problem a bit of a sham in my eyes.

Some random thoughts on the report.

- Dan Duquette must be feeling a certain level of vindication today. In normal circumstances - Roger Clemens would have been in the twilight of his career. Instead Clemens went to Toronto and juiced.

- I'm amused by Roger Clemens' threatening to sue for libel over being named in the report. This reminds me of when Palmeiro threatened to sue Jose Canseco after Canseco named Palmeiro in his book. Or when Barry Bonds threatened to sue Curt Schilling when Schilling called him a cheat.

- I'm guessing that ESPN is going to pull those Roger Clemens commercials where Roger is nervous about riding the roller coaster at Disney. That commercial is ripe for parody. So is that Suzy Waldman sound bite from this year when Roger joined the Yankees.

- I feel bad for Mo Vaughn. He's in the report for getting HGH after he hurt his ankle late in his career. Assuming he was clean - why would he have needed a referral if he was a user? - all Mo did early in his career is now tainted by the decision he made late in his career.

- What no Brett Boone?

EDIT: I meant to mention that perhaps the most positive result to come ut of the Mitchell Report will be ESPN dropping Fernando Vina and David Justice on their baseball telecasts and from Baseball Tonight.

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