Monday, December 03, 2007

The Francona Rule

This is perhaps the most petty thing I've read in some time. I'm biased - I freely admit it - but for an official of MLB to name Terry Francona by name in this manner is beyond unprofessional and given Watson's history as a member of the Yankees - it should also call into question Watson's ability to render neutral judgments when it comes to matters regarding the Red Sox and Yankees.

If I was running the Red Sox - I would match pettiness with pettiness with a release along the following lines:
To: MLB Offices

From: Boston Red Sox

RE: New rule

Please be aware that a new rule is being instituted at our property known as Fenway Park. The person known as Bob Watson has shown himself to be belligerent toward this organization and the Red Sox reserve the right to refuse entry to our property to any known trouble makers. If Bob Watson shows up at Fenway Park - he will be asked to leave. If he refuses - we will have him arrested for trespassing and we will prosecute him to the full extent of the law.

We are not unfair. We will make the exception that Bob Watson will be allowed on the property only if he is dressed in a full official Yankees uniform (it will have to be a home uniform since Watson has shown himself to be a "homer"). We acknowledge that this new rule by the Red Sox is both petty and silly but since Mr. Watson has shown himself a fan of petty and silly rules - we feel no remorse in fully implementing the new rule.

This rule should not hinder Mr. Watson's ability to do his job since he can still telephone or send us written correspondence. We just would prefer not to have his presence imposed upon us.


Red Sox Management

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