Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Miguel Tejada

Miguel Tejada has been traded to the Astros. If you've read this space for any time - you know that I'm not a big fan of Miguel Tejada. In fairness - I must say that I expect the drop off in pitching quality he'll face in the weak NL Central coupled with the short porch in left field at Minutemaid park will lead to a mini resurgence for Tejada and a possible 30+ HR season in 2008. This will of course lead to Tejada demanding a new contract after next season and complaints that the team front office isn't doing enough to win.

I know that Luke Scott has a .516 career slugging percentage but at 29-years old is he still a "prospect"? Matt Albers is a number 5 starter. Troy Patton? He could prove to be the real key to this trade for the Orioles but how often does a prospect like Patton fizzle out? Pitcher Dennis Sarfate and third baseman Michael Costanzo seem almost like toss-ins.

My immediate impression is that this was a fire-sale or a salary dump on the part of the Orioles. Couldn't the Orioles had a similar Bedard / Tejada package deal that netted the Marlins a pretty good haul of prospects with their trading of Willis and Cabrera? Say hello to the last place 2008 Orioles.

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