Sunday, December 02, 2007

Washington Nationals

I've enjoyed the hotstove snapshots Yahoo! sports has been doing on each team and what their needs are but I have to say that Tim Brown's snapshot of the Nationals was poorly done, confusing and told me nothing. After talking about the trade for Lastings Milledge, Brown writes:
Bowden probably could be convinced to part with Austin Kearns, Chad Cordero, Brian Schneider, Jon Rauch or Church in a trade. In fact, only third baseman Ryan Zimmerman is believed to be untouchable.
Ummm... just 2 second earlier you told us of how Schneider and Church were already traded. Is Jim Bowden a magical GM who can trade players multiple times? Or was this report sloppily done and edited?

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood this morning but I was looking forward to the Nationals synopsis because they could be an exciting team (they won't win anything but I think they'll be fun to watch). The team obviously needs a catcher now and I'd like to see them upgrade at 2nd. Like most teams - they also need another starting pitcher. They have Nick Johnson coming off an injury year as a trade chip for teams in need of a 1st/DH. They also have closer Chad Codero to dangle to help fill the holes.

In contrast to the Tim Brown snapshot - Mark Zuckerman of the Washington Time gives an excellent snapshot of where the Nationals currently stand.

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