Monday, December 16, 2019

Army-Navy Game Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations from Saturday's Army/Navy game.

The above video was shown on the big screens prior to the game - I thought it was pretty cool... One of the pre-game traditions that I was not aware of was the game balls being run to the stadium from both West Point and Annapolis by marathon runners from both academies. The runners were honored prior to the game... Another pre-game tradition I was not aware of was the "prisoner exchange" where Midshipmen spending a semester at West Point and Cadets spending a semester at Annapolis were "exchanged" at midfield to allow them to return to their natural rooting environments during the game. Can't recall that ever being shown on the pre-game TV show... President Trump got a huge ovation at the game and I give Trump credit in that he seems to thrive in a football environment... Trump received a huge ovation despite his presence (and therefor that of the Secret Service) causing a large security line getting into the stadium (here's what it looked like 45-minutes before kickoff)... The rain and clouds before kickoff caused the cancellation of the traditional pregame fly-over. However, we were treated to a half-time airshow... It was a great game and I'd happily attend another. Really glad to have had the experience...


  1. But who won?

    I've seen a half dozen commentaries about the game, none of which state who won.

  2. The Army-Navy final score was 31-7 with Navy winning