Monday, December 09, 2019

The War in Afghanistan

Conflicted over my view on the War in Afghanistan. I support the troops but I'm not sure if I support the War anymore. This report by the Washington Post seems to make it clear that the Generals and the civilians overseeing the war have not been exactly truthful with the American public.

Read the whole thing.

Parallels between Afghanistan and Vietnam are not exactly hard to draw. The Post even calls their report The Afghanistan Papers to echo the historic Pentagon Papers from the Vietnam War (not exactly subtle). You can't help but wonder if the War in Afghanistan was being fought with draftees instead of volunteers if we'd still even be there?

Like I said - not sure what to think. Only sure of one thing - I support the troops.


  1. I don't understand what our goals are there, and so it doesn't look like the 'Stan is worth a single drop of American blood.

  2. If you were to ask me what the goal of our mission in Afghanistan was I honestly would not be able to answer.