Thursday, December 19, 2019

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Tulsi Gabbard votes "Present" on Impeachment. Very wise move. She is the Democratic candidate to watch in my opinion. The question is whether the Democratic Party establishment would allow her to be the candidate. That's a serious concern... Has the cancel culture gone after Cher for her 1973 hit song Half-breed yet? That would be fun to watch... #TulsiCoward is trending on Twitter. Proof that she hit a nerve with her non-vote for Impeachment with the unhinged. That just makes her more attractive for us voters who are hinged... This is one of the reasons why investing in Bitcoin makes me nervous... Heh Heh - Kim Jung-Un the new Siskel & Ebert... Let's be honest - Greta Thunberg's greatest accomplishment was as the inspiration of hundreds of "How dare you!" memes... And I don't care where Tulsi is polling because the polls are crap. If you added Candidate McCandidateface to the polls that choice would immediately become the front-runner. Just saying... If James Comey goes to jail - what are the odds that the Obamas ask if he can be given Jeffrey Epstein's old cell?...


  1. Gabbard only looks sane compared to the rest of the field. She's still a leftist, with all of the baggage that entails. Still, she'd be the first PILF.

  2. Eight years active in the military (67 to 75 taught me many life lessons. Among the formal & informal key components of leadership an any level was the ability to DO SOMETHING, Lead, Follow or Get Get of the way - Hiding from & shirking your responsibilities is cowardly and unacceptable .
    Tulsi has not demonstrated she has mastered the any of the components of leadership other than launching chaff rockets.