Thursday, October 08, 2020

Flotsam and Jetsam

 Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Law Enforcement Today endorses President Trump. America's largest police owned magazine has never endorsed a Presidential candidate before. Be sure to read the article to see why they felt it necessary.  I'm old enough to remember when the Democrats were the supporters of blue collar jobs like police men and women. Not any longer it seems... "Schtupping" is such a fun word. Fun to say, write and most importantly - do... Phrasing! Are we no longer doing phrasing?... If I were to make a carbonated alcohol drink I'd call it Helter Seltzer... File this under people finally seeing the light: Unfavorable views of China reach historic highs in many countries. I'd also add that the unfavorable opinions on how the US has handled the Wuhan virus are probably mainly due to how the MSM has handled the issue in an election year where they heavily have their thumbs on one side of the scale... One thing I really wanted Mike Pence to say in last night's VP Debate was, "I fully support law and order and I'm not an undercover cop." In some circles Kamala Harris has been nicknamed the "undercover cop."

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