Monday, October 19, 2020

The Dynasty by Jeff Benedict

Just finished The Dynasty by Jeff Benedict and I recommend the book to any Pats or NFL fans out there. 

The book is the retelling of the New England Patriots dynasty over the past 20-years and 6 Super Bowl victories. It focuses on Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and how they worked in concert to make the Pats the top dynasty in NFL history. And also how that triumvirate finally fell apart. 

Much of the tale is already known by any New England fan who was paying attention over the past 20-years but other information was new or untold. I found the background on how Robert Kraft came to own the team in the first place especially enlightening. 

One thing did bother me. Jeff Benedict did seem to go out of his way not to name shitbird John Tomase who fabricated a story about the Pats recording the Rams walk-throughs prior to the 2001 Super Bowl. This was Stephen Glass level make-believe that made it into print and unfairly labeled the franchise. The Boston Herald had to do a full page apology over this crap yet even though the episode is discussed in the book - Tomase is never named. It made me question what else Benedict was omitting from the narrative. 

As irony would have it I finished the book the same day the heavily favored Patriots lost to the Broncos 18-12. That loss seemed to put a pin on the end of "the Dynasty" just as I was finishing the book of the same name.

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