Sunday, September 05, 2021

Bill Walsh's Standard of Performance

Bill Walsh's Standard of Performance which are what I'd consider the bedrock foundation of all of his success.

1. Exhibit a ferocious and intelligently applied work ethic directed at continual improvement.
2. Demonstrate respect for each person in the organization.
3. Be deeply committed to learning and teaching.
4. Be fair.
5. Demonstrate Character.
6. Honor the direct connection between details and improvement; relentlessly seek the latter.
7. Relentlessly seek self improvement 
8. Show self -control, especially under pressure.
9. Demonstrate and prize loyalty.
10. Use positive language and have a positive attitude.
11. Take pride in my effort as an entity separate from the result of that effort.
12. Be willing to go the extra distance for the organization.
13. Deal appropriately with victory and defeat, adulation and humiliation.
14. Promote internal communication that is both open and substantive
15. Seek poise in myself and those that I lead
16. Put the team's welfare and priorities ahead of my own.
17. Maintain an ongoing level of concentration and focus that is abnormally high
18. Make sacrifice and commitment the organization's trademark
19. The leader must exhibit the principles, code of conduct and behavior that he's asking others to emulate.

This Standard of Performance could easily be applied to any organization or even as a personal code of conduct.


  1. Mr. Bil was an exceptional coach... and words of wisdom flow from a life will lived.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks. If you get a chance I recommend Gridiron Genius by Mike Lombardi - it features a lot of coaching and life lessons from Bill Walsh.