Monday, September 27, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Not a smoker but all these anti-vape pen commercials make me wonder if we should allow the tobacco companies, who are prohibited by law from airing TV commercials, to take the gloves off and air their own rebuttal commercials... Captain Kirk loves him some mountain... So at what point in your life do you go from saying that you're "having friends over" to saying you're "having company?' I'm thinking maybe after 5-years of marriage or maybe after a second kid... If this is a real product I'm willing to bet money it's made in China... Think I was part of the last generation for who getting the weekly TV guide in the Sunday paper or THE TV Guide was a vital part of planning your weekly TV viewing. May sound like an old foggy but growing up there was no "on demand" TV viewing or DVR's. There was also no "guide" button on the remote because neither one existed (on screen TV guide grids or remotes). The struggle was real... There are 17 major college football teams currently 4-0 on the season but only 15 of them are in the latest AP Top 25 poll. Neither undefeated Maryland nor Boston College are somehow deemed worthy of ranking. Makes me think David Burge' Marble Game is a much fairer method of ranking. Also starting to wonder if Georgia's opening week victory over Clemson should still be considered a "quality win"... 


  1. Largebill689:20 AM

    Good Catch. I realize each team has faced different levels of competition, but WINNING has to count for something. Now, both Maryland and Boston College will face ranked teams (#5 Iowa and two-loss #25 Clemson respectively) next weekend. So, it may sort itself out.

  2. Yes but that's exactly why at least a one week ranking is so important for these kids and the programs.

    Don't expect BC to win in Death Valley next week or Maryland at home vs Iowa but if either team pulls an upset - isn't that a complete indictment of the current ranking system?

    As an aside Georgia is favored by 18.5 vs Arkansas. If it was Georgia vs Texas A&M - there's no way that line is that high. Arkansas is another team not getting the respect it deserved for what its done on the field (handily beating both Texas and Texas A&M).