Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

According to tradition, Plato carved above the door to his school the words, "Let no one enter here who is ignorant of geometry." I suggest we have the same words carved above the doors to Congress because anyone who believes that $3.5 TRILLION in new spending will pay for itself is clearly ignorant of basic math... Oh the surprising things you see on the Internet... Have to wonder if in this new world of legalized sports betting if a major college football team's record ATS (against the spread) will come into play when making invitations to bowl games. For example Rutgers is 4-0 ATS this season which means their fans may be sitting on some extra cash they'd like to spend on a trip to a warm place for a bowl game (gambling is now legal in NJ). Meanwhile Missouri is now 0-4 ATS which means some of their fans available travel funds may have already been spent... It would be curious to see a media friendly and well portrayed politician suddenly start talking about how we cannot let the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein's death to lapse or fall by the wayside - it would be curious to see how quickly the media "unexpectedly" turned against that politician... And speaking of Jeffrey Epstein - was wondering if by chance the FBI has ever gotten a sample of Hillary Clinton's DNA to see if it matched any unsolved murders? Just saying it might be worth it... 

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