Wednesday, September 22, 2021

What are the Risks?

My understanding is that there have been 3,409 deaths from VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) which easily could be a low number because of cases never reported. Taking this number at face value though that's roughly a fatality rate of just 0.00002% of all the people who received a vaccine shot in the US (211,776,515). The VAERS numbers above are just deaths but if you added in all reported adverse side-effects that number becomes much bigger. These adverse effects include serious side effects such as triggering dormant MS (happened to my friend's wife) or myocarditis - among other side effects.

The mortality rate overall in the US from COVID compared to the overall population is roughly just 0.002% (COVID deaths in US divided by overall US population). It has been reported that 95% of these deaths were in people with on average 4 comorbidities.

The odds of winning the lottery is a reported 1 in 300 million. That's statistically a much lower number than the VAERS fatality rate mentioned above (which works out to 1 in 62,123). However, when it comes to winning the lottery the state governments will actively try to persuade you that today's your lucky day! Whereas with the VAERS fatalities they would seemingly try to convince you that the number is too small to be likely (or hide the number in ways that make it hard to determine).  

No matter how you slice it - we are talking about some very small numbers here. Numbers way too small to warrant lockdowns or forfeiting Constitutional rights. And with numbers this small - shouldn't each person be allowed to weigh their own risks and choices without being forced by government mandates? 

What happened to common sense?


  1. Have a look at more recent data:

  2. The CDC's own estimate of the true number of vexxine fatalities is 150,000. The vexxine kills mostly healthy young men, where the virus kills old, sick people.

  3. I've no doubt that my math and numbers are in question (in should be) but the main points still stand whatever numbers are used. The numbers are too small to justify lockdowns or mandating health choices that should be left to the individuals.

    As an aside - how can anyone trust the "official" numbers anymore anyway? There's been a complete loss of trust and with good reason.