Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Stay in Your Lane

Predict that the phrase "Stay in your lane" will be one of the biggest phrases of 2022. All the people from various fields who went out of their way to inject politics into their work the past few years - that's in part how we got the disaster that is Biden/Harris and the State of California.

Sportswriter who for years have been injecting politics into their MLB notes or college football reports - stay in your lane. Unless you want to own Jeffrey Epstein, Afghanistan and the inflation that has made attending a game our buying your newspaper an unneeded luxury.

Performing artists who regularly interrupt songs to lecture to the audience. Shut up and sing already.

Scientists from various fields that feel the need to weigh in on politics incessantly - stay in your lane! Especially if you are in something as fungible as String Theory. Yes I understand that in academia you feel the need to show your liberal bona fides for job security but after being so wrong for so long - now it's time to shut the F up.

Even in things like Stoicism there's a real need to stay in your lane. Feel the need to insert some Trump insults into an article on Epictetus - that just makes YOU look like a clown. Marcus Aurelius thinks you need to work on your self-control and become more open minded.

Of course instead of "staying in your lane" you can instead remain "stuck on stupid."  Your choice.

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