Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Daisuke Matsusaka Thought

Actually not so much a new though as expounding on my last Matsusaka post.

Everyone seems to be comparing the Matsusaka signing and saying it is a deal in comparison to free agent signing such as Ted Lilly ($10 million per year for four years) or Gil Meche ($11 million a year for five years). Comparing the money is wrong – what they should be comparing is the ages of the pitchers.

Matsusaka is only 26-years old. None of the free agent pitchers signed or still available are younger than 28-years old. And the group who is 28 includes such “talent” as Tony Armas Jr., Joel Piniero, Jason Marquis and Gil Meche. You can argue that Matsusaka is or is not the best talent available (arguments could be made for Barry Zito, Jason Schmidt, Andy Pettitte and a couple of other pitchers). You cannot argue that Matsusaka is not the best young talent that was available.

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