Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just Saying

The Red Sox did not re-sign Pedro Martinez because it was too expensive and Pedro wanted a fourth year on the contract. The Red Sox did not want to offer a 4th year because they were afraid for Pedro’s health. So the Sox let Pedro go and instead signed Matt Clement. How have they compared so far (numbers are for 2005 and 2006 combined):

Martinez – 24-16 / 54 GS / 349 IP / 3.45 ERA
Clement – 18-11 / 44 GS / 256 IP / 5.09 ERA

Clement’s contract is for 3-years and $25 million and he will not be pitching this year at all. Pedro signed with the Mets for 4-years and $53 million. Pedro was hurt last season and had shoulder surgery which should keep him out till around the All-Star break this season.

Optimistically it looks like the Mets will get 3-years of Pedro on the field over the life of the 4-year deal. Whereas the Red Sox will only get 1.5 years out of Clement for his 3-year deal.

Also consider that having Pedro could have made a world of difference in 2005 as the Red Sox were defending their championship and also consider that Pedro will probably retire when this contract expires. How much would it have been worth to have Pedro retire as a Red Sox player and have his number retired?

Not re-signing Pedro was a bad move by the Red Sox front office. I did not think so at the time but back then I still trusted that Theo and Lucchino knew what they are doing. Last year they declined to give Johnny Damon a 4th year on his contract because they were afraid his health would not hold up and so he was forced into the arms of the Yankees. Now the Red Sox give 5-years to a player with a worse health history than Pedro or Johnny Damon and we are supposed to give them the benefit of the doubt? I should be happy about these latest moves but I can't forget the moves that weren't made and the reasons that were given at the time for not making them.

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