Saturday, December 02, 2006


(ALR is lucky to have a guest in today to look a today's college football games. Without further ado - here is Moe from The Simpsons and his outlook on today's games)

Hi, my name's Moe. Or as the ladies like to refer to me, "hey you in the bushes". Looking at today's games I see a bunch of games that either could go either way or where the point spread is too much for my liking.

The only game I like is the USC / UCLA game. Normally I don't like USC because they think they're so high and mighty - just because they never got caught driving without pants. However, there ain't enough booze in my bar to make UCLA look good. I've seen a bunch of "pundits" point out that a couple of years ago USC was 11-0 and yet only escaped the UCLA game with a 5-point victory. Don't you think USC knows that? Don't you think Pete Carroll has brought that up at every practice this week? USC will be looking to wipe the floor with UCLA this week so that there is no question that they belong in the BCS championship game.

Take USC and give the 13 points. And if Pete Carroll doesn't come through for me then I'll track him down and use his head as a bucket and paint my house with his brains.

If I was forced to choose - I'd also take Florida, Navy and West Virginia today.

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