Monday, December 04, 2006

Trade Thought

I'm not in favor of trading Manny Ramirez but if it has to be - how about this for a trade proposal?

Red Sox send Manny to the Dodgers for Brad Penny (or Chad Billingsley) and James Loney (plus a AA pitching prospect). The Red Sox then send Penny (or Billingsley) and Eric Hinske to the Brewers for Bill Hall. This way the Red Sox fill their need at short and the additions of Hall and JD Drew (rumored to be signing with the Sox) help replace Manny's production at the plate.

I'm not sure if the Brewers want to trade Hall but they do need a top pitcher more than Hall right now. Plus with JJ Hardy and Craig Counsell at short and Corey Koskie at 3rd - it looks like Hall may have to go to the outfield to play full time for the Brew Crew. Maybe its just wishful thinking on my part but I'm not alone in thinking something is strange in the Brewers roster moves and how they affect Bill Hall.

Getting Loney would give the Sox their 1st baseman of the future and allow Kevin Youkilis to either be trade bait or move to 3rd next year when Mike Lowell's contract is up.

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