Sunday, December 31, 2006


Two weeks ago I went to see the movie Eragon. I thought it was a fine movie but the next day my eldest told me that she was disappointed because the movie skipped over or changed much that was in the book.

Being a Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter geek - I was intrigued and decided to read the book for myself to find out what she was talking about. Having finished the book a couple of days ago - I now understand what she meant. The book (as is almost always the case) was so much richer and more entertaining than the movie. Trust me - if you liked either the Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter books - you will also love Eragon.

What surprised me most was the fact that the author Christopher Paolini was just 19 when the book was published. So before the age when he'll be legally able to drink in most states - Christopher Paolini will have had two NY Times bestselling books (Eragon and Eldest) and a movie made from one of his books. Makes me feel like a piker.

You may have noticed that I updated the books advertised at the top of the site. I'm going to try and keep those books updated to the last six books that I've read. As always - it is greatly appreciated that if you buy something (anything) from - that you do it via one of my links.

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