Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Suggestion to break the Daisuke Matsuzaka Impass

It has been reported that the Red Sox have offered Daisuke Matsuzaka $8 million a year for 6-years. Scott Boras meanwhile is asking for $11 million a year for 6-years. How about this as a way you break the impass and get this deal done by the December 15th deadline.

What I suggest is a contract that pays $9 million per year for 6-years base salary with an incentive clause that would pay Daisuke Matsuzaka a $2 million bonus for finishing in the top 5 in AL Cy Young voting. Over the past five years pitchers such as Cliff Lee, Esteban Loaiza, Jamie Moyer, Jarrod Washburn and Chien-Ming Wang have finished in the top 5. If Boras wants Daisuke Matsuzaka paid as a top player shouldn't the Red Sox have some guarantee that he'll perform as one?

I think if the Red Sox offered such a deal and Daisuke Matsuzaka turned it down - then I think it would be near impossible for Boras to get another client out of Japan.

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