Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

How spoiled are Boston sports fans? Largely because we've had 12 championships since 2000 (6 Patriots, 4 Red Sox and one each for Celtics and Bruins) - most sports fans don't even bother to count the 6 NCAA Men's Hockey championships (7 if you count Providence College's) since 2000 (4 Boston College, Boston University and now UMass)... Heh Heh... Texas passes the Star Spangled Banner Act which makes it mandatory to play the National Anthem at sporting events. Good job Mark Cuban for making this an issue and making people believe you actually hate the country that made you a billionaire... Still say that miniature pony chariot races would be a TV ratings bonanza. Especially if they had monkeys as the charioteers... This book is not about what I hoped it was about... 


  1. Wait,sports? There are people that still care about that WOKE crap. Professional sports are over for many of us. And as if yesterday so is the NCAA, no championships in states that dont allow transgenders to play womens sports. Good bye and here's to the end of womens sports! Wait can we still say womens? The sick and twisted have won.

  2. I haven't 100% given up on sports. I hold out hope that common sense will eventually prevail in both sports and in our country.