Friday, April 09, 2021

Global Warming

The above graph shows that according to satellite based temperature readings the world is on a warming trend. However, the rate of warming is nowhere near the alarmists predictions of most "experts" models.

You could also see that if you averaged out the 42-years shown on the graph there'd be no increase at all. That's just to show that you could make the stats show what you want. Secondarily 42-years is nothing when it comes to plotting the historical nature of the Earth.

One final thought I'd like to get out of my head - who's to say a little warming isn't a good thing? I live in New England and would personally welcome slightly warmer weather. Also warmer temperatures could also mean that the Plains of Canada, Siberia, and Mongolia would be able to produce more crops to help alleviate any global hunger. Wouldn't that be a good thing? The warming period during Medieval times gave rise to the Renaissance - wasn't that a good thing? And back then fossil fuels had nothing to do with the rise in temperatures. 

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  1. Global warming is a hoax. The variation in temperatures is well within the range of historic variation. But, it is a tool with which to help destroy our economy and help bring down our nation. The leftist dream. E her wonder why the dumbest individuals on earth are big sellers of the global warming lie? Al Gore and John Kerry, two very dim bulbs AND the definition of useful idiots.

  2. I don't think it's a hoax but I do think man's role is overblown. The Earth's axis is changing which it does periodically which effects how much of the sun's rays get in and where. Also magnetic north is shifting potentially to a flip to magnetic south which also happens periodically in the history of the globe. As that happens the magnetic protection from the sun's rays are also weakened causing changes in temperature. These two things are happening at the same time which may never have happened before.

    Then we get into the subject of solar minimums and maximums and suddenly it's very clear we have little idea what is actually happening. The Green New Deal is the modern equivalent of throwing virgins into volcanoes.