Thursday, December 13, 2018

This Week in Musk World

We start off this week in Musk World with the above video of Jay Leno explaining why Americans should be rooting for Elon Musk and Tesla. I agree with Jay 100%! Tesla has created close to 50,000 new jobs. How can you not root for a company that does that?

To be fair not all the jobs at Tesla will be in the US with Gigafactory 3 set to open in China mid 2019.

Yet the big media attention story was Elon's appearance on 60 Minutes. Not exactly a love story but even 60 Minutes couldn't diminish the company's accomplishments.

Tesla is growing with 11 new stores opening this week. And as always no need to have an appointment for a test drive at any of the locations. These new locations also mean more new jobs - for the people who built these locations and those who will staff these locations.

In other Musk World related news - the SpaceX Dragon has visited the Space Station 16 times. The latest this past Saturday.

Tesla may also be getting into the GPS business. Which when you think about it would be a natural crossover expansion of their auto-driving electric cars and SpaceX experience.

Next week Musk World sees the Boring Company product launch. And as usual probably some surprises. Never "boring" in Musk World. (Sorry couldn't resist.)

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