Sunday, December 16, 2018

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observation.

The NBA three-team trade gone bad over the wrong Brooks reminds me of the story of how Angels owner Gene Autry once told his GM to "get that outfielder from the Red Sox" so the GM signed Rick Miller. Autry meant Dwight Evans... This is such a great story. Charles Barkey is an American treasure... I think the maximum an NHL coach should be with any one team is 9-years. That's the longest Scottie Bowman coached with one team (the Redwings - he spent 8-years with the Canadiens). Just like a US President has a max of 2-terms an NHL coach should have a max of 9-seasons. Call it the Scottie Bowman rule... Cool - California election resolved with Dungeons & Dragons dice...  9 also happens to be the number of Stanley Cup Championships Bowman won as head coach... Excellent life advice... Studies suggest that there has been a big uptick in women watching male gay porn (like guys watching girl on girl I guess). This poses two real dangers for straight married guys. First friends may find the Internet history and assume it is the husband watching the porn or second the wives may come to think that the average male is much better endowed and can "last" much longer than their hubby. Congress should do something about this!... 

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