Friday, April 17, 2020

Top 5 - Brian Dennehy Roles

Actor Brian Dennehy has passed aged 81. Dennehy was a favorite of mine who just exuded the type of charm that gave you the impression he'd be great to know in real life. From all the testaments coming from actors he worked with - that impression was correct. Here are my five favorite roles Dennehy's played.

1. F/X - co-starred with Bryan Brown
2. Tommy Boy - everyone likes Tommy Boy
3. First Blood
4. Presumed Innocent - as DA Raymond Horgan
5. Foul Play - as Chevy Chase's partner Fergie

Probably going to re-watch F/X tonight in his honor. I hope the movie holds up - I haven't seen it in a while. Tried to watch Gorky Park last night but was disappointed that it wasn't as good a movie as remembered to be.


  1. I'd forgotten about F/X. How could you forget Silverado?

  2. Didn't forget about Silverado but when I think of that movie Dennehy is about the 5th actor I think of. Very underrated movie.