Saturday, April 03, 2021

MLB Gives Georgia the Middle Finger

MLB has announced they are moving the 2021 All-Star game from Atlanta because of their new voting law. This is a big mistake in my opinion. You can never be "woke" enough for some people and once you give in to this sort of social justice blackmail you are marked as a sucker and the woke demands will never stop.

Voting rights is also an ironic issue for MLB to tackle - especially in relation to the All-Star game. MLB allows anyone to vote for the All-Star game up to 35 TIMES. No "one person one vote" for MLB. Nosireee Bob. Also MLB was more than happy to play games n Castro's Cuba but not Atlanta? Really? How are the voting rights in Havana? 

Also when it comes to racism MLB has a lot to answer for itself before it tries to take the mote out of another's eye. When American hero Jackie Robinson was first on the Hall of Fame ballot - 22% of the Baseball Writers eligible to vote did not vote for Robinson. This was clearly racism. 100%. Yet MLB is still in bed with the Baseball Writers of America. 

Why haven't these racist baseball writers been identified and shamed? Why Rob Manfred? Why? Oh because the Baseball Writers voting is separate from MLB - but so is the voting laws of the State of Georgia but that didn't stop you there. Oh that was in the past and you're only concern is the present? Oh well then I can expect MLB to shortly denounce the human rights abuses by the Chinese and renounce MLB's partnership with the Chinese Communists - right? Why the "no comment" Mr. Manfred? You hypocritical sack of shit.   

The easiest prediction I've ever made is that this year's All-Star game will have the lowest TV ratings in history. There is also bound to be a backlash and a boycott of any sponsor who advertises during the game. Baseball used to be neutral ground but no longer. Rob Manfred has just made it political and he'll learn the hard way that there's much truth to the phrase "Go Woke Go Broke."

The only silver lining I can see is that now it is clear that all sports is open game for political stances it makes any argument against NOT boycotting the Beijing Olymics moot.  


  1. I hope I am one of many. Professional sports can end as far as I am concerned. They can be woke they can be leftist anti- Americans, they can do all the far left crap they want. But they will do it without me. Love to see all them just move to China and be happy. Mark Cuban can join the CCP.
    All the major sports can burn to the ground. No loss for America.

  2. An interesting offshoot of this is that some individual sports like UFC fighting or golf are thriving. We can cheer more easily in this environment for the individual or as the case may be boo more enthusiastically the individuals and what they embody while team sports have become collective group think.

    When I think that on a summer's day I can spend $500 going to a game at Fenway or use that money for a weekend at the beach - the choice has never been more clear.