Friday, April 02, 2021

Top 5 - Issues I Have with Field of Dreams

1. The Terence Mann character was a best selling author AND founder of a software company at a time when software companies were making money hand over fist yet never once did the character reach for his wallet. He easily could have paid off the loan on the farm but NEVER once offered to write a check. Cheap bastard!

2. If you watch carefully the Kevin Costner character builds the baseball field EXACTLY opposite to how the vision was presented to him. Home plate was supposed to be where he put the outfield. WTF?

3. Amy Madigan always reminded me of the Green Goblin in the flick. Probably just me.

4. Shoeless Joe Jackson batted left-handed and Ray Liotta batted right-handed.

5, Ty Cobb is treated very unfairly. In real life Ty Cobb was good friends with Joe Jackson.


  1. Portraying Jackson as a right-handed hitter has to be my #1 pet peeve.

  2. Imagine if a movie about Ted Williams tried that?