Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Baseball Picks

I did not have any real gut feelings on yesterday's games but I do have some thoughts to share about today's games:

A's vs. Twins - Estaban Loaiza is the proverbial million dollar arm and $.50 head. My guess is that he's had too much time to think about this start and if he gets into a jam he's worry himself into giving up a big inning. The odds are clearly in the Twins favor (-$165 - risk $165 to win $100) but the value bet may be to take the over (9 runs - risk $130 to win $100).

Dodgers vs. Mets - this game may have the opposite dynamics than the A's / Twins game. Rookie John Maine hasn't had time to think about this start and I wouldn't be surprised if he came up big (in fact Maine is a slight favorite in this game). I like the Dodgers in the series but only recommend the under (9 runs - risk $120 to win $100) in this game.

Tigers vs. Yankees - my guess is that Justin Verlander comes up big and just squeaks by hard luck loser Mike Mussina in tonight's game. Take the under (9.5 runs) in this game. By the way - am I the only one who wondered if A-Rod was secretly rooting against Derek Jeter and vice versa last night?

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