Monday, October 02, 2006

Greetings from Denver

Well actually Broomfield but close enough.

Sorry for the dearth of posting lately. I guess I've been kinda melancholy. I had accepted the awful season by the Red Sox (thank God for interleague play or they would have been battling the hapless O's for 4th place) but was still bummed out and after going to the Patriots / Denver game last Sunday I became doubly bummed.

I'm over it though and ready to look forward to the baseball playoffs and to the Patriots continuing to improve.

This weekend I watched a ton of football and life was good. Saturday I went to the Holy Cross / Fordham game and sweated out a 28-21 victory by the Crusaders. I used to be a huge Tom Gilmore fan but I'm really starting to question his clock management and play calling skills. Holy Cross should have run Fordham off the field on Saturday but Gilmore kept on trying to force a mix of passing that just wasn't working.

The movie on the flight out was A Prairie Home Companion and it was an utter piece of crap. Dysfunctional people with serious character flaws who can sing spending the final night of a radio show together does not a plot make.

I've got a bunch of bits and pieces to post so keep checking back.

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