Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Iraqi Migration

Something I found interesting and wanted to share.

Many people in the media have been talking about how the US has wrecked or broken Iraq via our invasion and overthrow of Saddam Hussein. The media is also quick to toss out references to a supposed civil war breaking out in Iraq. But it seems to me that these claims are not supported by the reality of the situation.

When we first invaded there was a great fear of mass migration out of the country to avoid the mass bloodshed the media claimed was coming. Yet the refugee camps the Red Cross and the UN set up had to be closed because there was nobody leaving Iraq (except UN workers who fled at the first sign of trouble).

Now as I mentioned above there is rampant talk about the country being in shambles and in the midst of a civil war. Yet according to the CIA World Handbook's page on Iraq (last updated October 5, 2006) - the net migration rate for Iraq is 0/1000. Nobody is fleeing the country.

I could see if it was really difficult for people to leave and get to somewhere they could feel safe (or safer). That's not the case. The Kurds in the North could easily migrate to neighboring Turkey where there is a significant Kurdish population. The Shi'a Muslims could easily move East to Iran (which is almost 90% Shi'a). The Sunni's could likewise move South to neighboring Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia. Yet nobody is leaving.

If there was chaos and civil war wouldn't you expect people to be getting out of Dodge as quick as possible? The reality doesn't seem to support the media's assertions. I know some of you will find that shocking.

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