Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Dartmouth / Holy Cross Brawl

A week later and the brawl that broke out after the end of the Dartmouth / Holy Cross game is still news. However, all the descriptions I've read or heard don't match up with the eye-witness accounts that were told to me.

According to eye-witnesses at the game - the brawl was basically started by the coaches - Buddy Teevens of Dartmouth and Tom Gilmore of Holy Cross. These two guys don't like each other. I guess the animosity stems from the time they both spent as assistant coaches at Dartmouth. Accord to those at the game - the brawl started when the coaches shook hands. Gilmore placed his hand on Teevens' shoulder and Teevens shoved it away in a "don't you place a hand on me" gesture. A Dartmouth player thought his coach was getting in a tussle and shoved Gilmore. Then as they say "it was on!"

It looks like the beginning of a very heated rivalry (think Calipari / Cheney in basketball).

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